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The freezer is one of the essentials of home appliances and has become, in a few decades, essential to our daily lives. It allows to freeze and store food and also avoids throwing food when cooking too much. Find out about the different types of freezers on the market and the different options that make your life easier.

The different types of freezer

The different types of freezer

Which model of freezer to choose?

In the world of home appliances, there is 4 types of freezer which each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The chest freezer, horizontal in shape, opens from above and offers a large storage capacity (up to 600 liters). Its rather imposing dimensions oblige to install it in the cellar or the cellar of a house. Count between 150 and 900 euros to acquire a chest freezer.
  • The upright cabinet freezer opens up front and has the advantage of being installed anywhere. Its drawers and compartments are very convenient for storing food. Declined in many dimensions, it does not however allow to store large parts. Count between 200 and 1000 euros for a freezer cabinet.
  • The top freezer has the ideal dimensions for a small apartment. It opens to the front like a freezer cabinet and its storage capacity does not exceed 100 liters. Its top can be used as a worktop extension or can be removed to fit under the worktop.
  • The built-in freezer hides behind a door and slips into a niche or under a worktop. Its dimensions adapted to the environment reduce the storage space a bit and its price is higher. Count between 400 and 2000 euros.

The different options of a freezer

When choosing your freezer, it will also take into account the various options available to you. You will have to choose between different types of cold (static, "lowfrost" or "no frost") and also choose according to the energy consumption of your freezer. There are very practical functions such as the "super insulation" function that prevents cold loss, the "super freeze" function that freezes foods faster or various accessories that make your life easier, such as the thermometer or the thermometer. alarm that help you control the temperature.

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