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Who today could do without a refrigerator? This obvious element, which is an integral part of our daily lives, today has many aspects. We must distinguish the classic refrigerator from the "table top", the fridge freezer combination of the American refrigerator without forgetting the built-in and mini-fridges. Their discovery will not leave you cold!

The different types of fridge

The different types of fridge

The classic refrigerator

The classic refrigerator does not require any special support and can land freely in a kitchen. It may have a conservative compartment called freezer represented by ** or *** or a freezer symbolized by ****, or not. These compartments are usually located at the top of the device.

Its capacity is between 200 and 400 liters. It can measure up to 2 m in height, its width being between 46 and 66 cm.

Very common model, the choice is vast and the price range wide. If it fits easily in any kitchen, its freezer compartment is not big. It is therefore for those who do not make freezing in large quantities a priority.

If the top surface of a classic fridge is not usable when it is 2 m high, its price remains accessible. It takes between 250 € for an entry-level model and 1500 € for high-end.

Specific models

The "table top", of small size and small capacity is ideal to equip a studio or a small kitchen. Its maximum capacity is 200 liters. Its height of 88 cm makes it easy to slide under a worktop or to use its surface as a preparation plan. We can find models with freezer from 150 €. Its price can go up to 1000 € according to its more.

The fridge freezer combination is intended for those who like to freeze large quantities of fresh products over a long period. It is often 2m high, 60cm wide and 70cm deep. Its refrigeration capacity varies between 60 and 260 liters and that of freezing between 30 and 120 liters.

The American refrigerator is the star of refrigerators. It has 2 doors, one side being reserved for freezing, the other for refrigeration. Equipped with a water dispenser and ice cubes, it is playful and plays the design card.

Equipped with a self-ventilation system, the inserts fit as much under a worktop as in a column or drawer cabinet. While, mini refrigerators work wonders in small spaces. The "bar model" to ask where you want, keeps cool, a few bottles and sweets. It is especially useful as a portable model, which follows you everywhere.

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