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There are different types of gutters according to the regional habits and urban planning of your town, the different types of climate, the material and the slope of the roof. We will not find the same gutter in Brittany and in the Provençal hinterland.

The creeping gutter

Very discreet, the creeping gutter channels the water and rests on a cornice, a rim or on a part of the roof. It is fixed by hooks located on the upper face of the rafters of the roof.

It can take different forms. The gutter Havre (or Ardennes) rounded angle of registration, the profile is discreet and its flow is excellent. It is most often zinc. Count between 50 and 60 € for a gutter of 4 meters. Thea gutter in Nantes has an angle of 70 to 90° and is less effective at evacuating water.

It is less expensive than the gutter Havre, you will find with a maximum price of € 50 for 4 meters of gutter.

The hanging gutter

This is the most common type, also called half round, the gutter is attached by hooks at the end of the roof (or headband). This gutter is very popular because it has the distinction of being made of all available materials, from copper to zinc via PVC.

This type of gutter also has different shapes.
The square gutter which type is well suited to large buildings therefore has a square profile. The Lyon gutter includes a fold that improves its rigidity. It is found, of course, especially in the Lyon region. Its price varies according to the materials you choose: 3 € / m for PVC and up to 10 € / m for aluminum. And finally the so-called English gutter is a wide gutter considering rainfall. More tedious to ask, it is supported on feet fixed to an entablature or on the cornice of the roof. It will take the same price as for the model Lyon.

The gutter

It is not strictly speaking a gutter but a conduit integrated into the shell. This item is against one side of the wall. Two possibilities, either it turns the water into a gutter or it takes the function by emptying directly into a downpipe. It is rare to find it in recent constructions. Indeed, one finds it rather on the old buildings, in wood or in stone, often in element of decoration.

It is placed on an entablature specific to the building or encased either between a part of the wall and the roof, or between two roofs.

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