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The heat pump is one of the most efficient heating systems. Only it is not easy to make a choice as the offer is diversified and specific to each situation. Find out how to choose a heat pump, what are the specificities of each and how to finance them.

How to choose a heat pump?

Before buying your heat pump, it is important to ask the right questions. Is it a renovation or a construction? What will be the surface to heat? How many people live at home? Will I use an auxiliary heating system?

It is essential to call on a professional for size your heat pump and thus determine the power required to achieve the desired comfort temperature. Be aware that if it is a renovation, it will be easier to install a heat pump aerothermal because it does not require much work during its installation and does not require the use of thermal sensors.

The different types of heat pump

It exists on the market different types of heat pump who draw their energy from natural sources.

The air / air aerothermal heat pump captures the outside (or inside) air, warms it and propels it back into the room. It is easy to install and fits your existing heating system. Count between 5000 and 15000 euros.

The geothermal heat pump draws energy from a circuit of pipes buried in the ground. Highly efficient, it works only with low temperature radiators or underfloor heating. Count between 9000 and 15000 euros.

The hydrothermal water / water heat pump draws its energy from the water table. Thanks to the constant temperature of the water in the ground, this type of pump is the most efficient of all. Count between 10000 and 18000 euros.

The absorption gas heat pump, very efficient and environmentally friendly, is the most profitable heating system of all.

Help to finance your heat pump

To finance the purchase of a heat pump, it is possible to benefit fromState aids and some fiscal advantages. All heat pumps except aerothermal air-to-air heat pumps are considered as unprofitable and unecological. Eco-loan at zero rate is very popular for paying for eco-renovation work. It is also possible to benefit from Sustainable Development Tax Credit which offers you the opportunity to deduct a portion of the expenses directly from your income tax. Please note that if you use a professional to buy and install your heat pump, you can benefit from a reduced rate of VAT of 5.5%.

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