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The different types of paneling

There are three main types of paneling: wood paneling, paneling and PVC paneling.

Wooden paneling

They can be made from many species. There are mainly native and exotic woods.

Native woods (local wood species)

The pine.
The chestnut tree.
The Oak.
The cherry tree.

Exotic woods (from Africa or America)

The sipo.
The limba.
The red cedar.
The hermlock.

Standards define, regulate and classify paneling with letters, according to the nature of the wood and its appearance:

A: the woods without knots. B: the woods with small knots. C: knotty woods. D: decommissioned woods.

Current dimensions:

Length of 30cm to 5m.
Width from 7 to 15cm.
Thickness from 8 to 19mm.

Coated paneling

Made from chipboard or wood fiber, they are covered with decorative vinyl paper. They can have different aspects:

Damasked solid colors: matt, satin or brilliant with a range of different colors.
An imitation wood look.
An imitation stone look.

Current dimensions:

Length from 1.80 to 2.80m, the standard being 2.60m.
Width from 16 to 26cm.
Thickness from 8 to 12mm.

PVC paneling

Intended for indoor and outdoor use, PVC paneling is the strongest on the market. They are waterproof, UV resistant and easy to clean.

They can be:

In solid damask color.
In imitation wood.
In imitation stone.

Current dimensions:

Length of 2.60 to 4m.
Width from 25 to 38cm.
Thickness of 10mm.

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