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Installing a shoe rack is essential to save space in a room, especially when you have a multitude of pairs of different shapes. The choice is also possible between different types of shoe rack. Zoom on all the solutions for storing "your shoes"...

The shoe box

This is probably the most basic and most economical shoe rack. The principle of the technique shoe box Is simple: each shoe is stored in its original box. In practice, the boxes can be stacked on top of each other. This type of storage has the advantage of being stored everywhere (under the bed or other furniture, under the stairs...).

The shoe cabinet

Depending on the space available but also if you want to store a "demonic" number of shoes, the shoe cabinet is an interesting alternative. Today we find very varied models and design. The shoes can in particular be stored in a cabinet comprising sliding drawers, compartments or shelves. Among the different types of shoe rack, there are also the chest of drawers, the chest or the shoe bench. Whatever the model chosen, each shoe finds its place.

Shoe shelves

The shelves are everywhere and take up little space. It is possible to create as many levels as you wish within the limits of available space. The shelves can be installed on a wall but also in a piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or a wardrobe. When you want to install a shoes at home, shelves are a great solution.

Shoe rack to hang

This type of shoe rack, usually made of plastic or fabric, is very practical. It comes in different versions including the one that clings to the door. It consists of many horizontal pockets on one or two columns. Access to shoes is thus simplified. Among shoe racks to hang, there is also one that has vertical pockets in which one slides shoes. Hanging shoe racks are not generally suitable for boot storage. This type of shoe rack to hang offers an undeniable space saving.

The shoe cover

The shoe cover has a double advantage. On the one hand, this type of storage saves a maximum of space. It can indeed easily be placed under or above a piece of furniture. On the other hand, the shoes are effectively protected from dust. A cover can be made of plastic, fabric or synthetic fiber, so it is washable. Note that this shoe rack can accommodate one or more pairs at a time.

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