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The kitchen faucet is both an element of decoration and a tool that must be adapted to your needs, including the constraints related to the sink: it consists of a spout, a base and a handle. There are different types of faucet spouts (shape, size). You only have to choose the one that will improve your comfort of life in the kitchen.

The different types of kitchen faucets

The different types of kitchen faucets

What is the spout of a faucet?

The faucet nozzle is used to convey the water to the sink, so this is the visible part of the faucet. This explains why the design and functionality of the faucets kitchen or bathroom are multiple.
For a small sink (in width and / or depth), you will opt for a short beak and high because you have little space between the spout and the top of the sink to cook and do the dishes; for a larger sink, choose a long beak, and less high for more comfort.

We find more and more taps with a "shower": Inspired by industrial kitchens, it's a showerhead inserted into the spout of the kitchen faucet. It facilitates the chore of dishes and the cleaning of fruits and vegetables by combining flexibility and strength. The hand shower can have a simple tap spray or a rain spray to facilitate rinsing.

The different faucet spouts

There are many types of kitchen faucet spouts, the following is a non-exhaustive list:

  • The melted beak: it's the most classic faucet. The spout and the faucet body are melted together, in one piece and the whole forms an angle of 45°. It is a short beak.
  • The cast beak: a part of the body of the faucet and the beak are melted together. The beak is long and plunges into the sink: it is also called the beak "gooseneck".
  • The reported beak: the beak is melted alone then assembled with the body of the tap. The beak is longer than the melted beak.
  • The rounded beak: this beak is a cast beak but whose angles are softened and form a slight round. It is also found under the name of angled bill.
  • Swivel spoutThis faucet spout allows you to turn the faucet on a wide angle (usually 150 degrees, up to 360 degrees): it is perfect if you have a double sink or a deep sink.
  • The tilting spout: the spout of this tap can be folded over the sink. They are ideal for sinks under a window: you can close it without being disturbed. Note: The tilting can be vertical or horizontal depending on your needs.

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