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Before setting up your kitchen, it is important to plan with a lot of thought. Indeed, in order to have a functional kitchen, you should not have your appliances and furniture at random. It is therefore necessary to precisely define what are known as "kitchen zones".

The different areas in a kitchen

The different areas in a kitchen

The cooking zone in a kitchen

There are of course the cooking appliances: oven, hob and microwave but also the utensils for cooking. This is where the drawer will be located where will be stored pots, pans, dishes for cooking, small utensils not to mention the potholders that will prevent burns...
The cooking zone is essential in the layout of a kitchen.

The preparation area in a kitchen

It will be close to the main work plan. You will install the food processor, the measuring bowl, the scale, the cutting board, the cookbooks... all that will be used to develop the recipes. So when you cook you will be sure to have everything you need at hand. The work plan may include storage arrangements which will make your life easier. You can, for example, keep available spices and small utensils for the preparation of recipes.

The area of ​​provisions in a kitchen

These are the cupboards or will be rows the food reserves. You will organize it to your idea by placing preferably the most used products in front. The provision storage area will be extended by the installation of the refrigerator and the freezer.

The washing area in a kitchen

There are of course the sink and possibly the dishwasher if your kitchen includes one. Under the sink will be stored household products. The dishes used daily (plates, glasses...) will preferably be placed close to this area for convenience. This is also where you put away the tea towels. The bin as for it will be very often integrated in the furniture under sink in order to be camouflaged.

The storage area in a kitchen

It is in this area that will be arranged dishes, plastic containers, tablecloths... Again, many storage tips are possible. A simple cupboard to which we add compartments facilitating storage becomes immediately more functional. The drawers can also benefit from interior fittings or turnstiles.

Preparation area, provisions area, washing area, cooking zone, storage area compose the different cooking areas. Organizing and distinguishing them saves you valuable time. If you know exactly where each thing is, cooking becomes a real pleasure. privilege the functionality of the kitchen avoids fatigue and wasted time when preparing meals.

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