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Since 5 years the differential circuit breaker jumps irregularly without consistency in time. The electrical panel has been verified by 2 electricians. I think I have located part of the kitchen area. After disconnecting the devices (fridge...) I could not disconnect the gas plate (supplied for ignition), the electric oven, or the hood (all is plugged into a hard-to-access box, the wires are connected on checkerboard and by a splice). I have no electrical skills, the building is 30 years old. What do you recommend? The electricians give me no solution.

On a building 30 years old a verification of the electrical installation by a professional would not be useless...

The differential circuit breaker protects people in case of current leakage and thus back to earth. Its operation is based on the balance between the input current called "phase" and the return current called "neutral". If the circuit breaker perceives an imbalance is that there is an insulation fault, it cuts the circuit. This phenomenon is observed when the metal casing of a household appliance is under voltage due to an insulation fault. So it's almost certain that this is one of the devices you could not test that is involved. Do some research in this direction, unplug them one by one!

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