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I renovate a room in my house that was a carpenter's workshop in the 30s. I would like to make my stay because there is a beautiful fireplace in red briquettes, large openings and a large area, 40 m² and 2.85 m in height. The chimney in question has an opening of L = 1.37, Ht = 1.22, P = 0.45, my question is, can I leave it as it is at ground level or should I raise it for fear that it will smoke because of its shallow depth?

It is not only by raising the floor of your home that you will prevent smoking your fireplace. The depth of 45 cm is quite reasonable. On the other hand it is the opening dimensions that are too important: 50 cm wide by 60 cm high would be very sufficient for a good draw. If you can not make this reduction, I advise you to put an insert or just a good wood stove today very powerful (40% tax credit until December 2009... Then 25% only !) Do not forget the conduit casing.

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