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The dining room furniture is designed to create a friendly atmosphere but also to be functional in their daily use. Whether it's the dining table, chairs or storage furniture, nothing should be left to chance and every detail must be taken into account to make your dining room a place of sharing where balance and harmony.

Dining room furniture

Dining room furniture


The table is the centerpiece of your dining room. This is where you eat, where the children do the homework, where you set up to sew or do manual work. The dining room table is not chosen at random. It must first adapt to the dimensions of your room and leave you enough room to circulate. The ideal solution is to opt for a table with extendable or flexible that will just open for large tables and fold for everyday use. As for the material, go for the naturalness of the wood, the modernity of the glass or the industrial spirit of the wood-metal mix. Form side, you have the choice between a round or rectangular model. Square tables are also popular and ultra-trendy.

The foundation

To accompany the table, it is important to choose comfortable seating. Indeed, meals taken around the dining room are often longer and should be conducive to relaxation. Choose the foam seats or plan chair cushions. The big trend is also at mix of styles. Why not choose chairs in different styles and colors? For tight spaces, prefer stools or benches that will slide under the table after use. They are however less comfortable and do not allow to rest the back especially if the meal drags a little.

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Storage and accessories for dining room

After choosing the table and seating, it is important to choose the various storage elements and accessories. A sideboard or buffet is essential in a dining room to store dishes, table linens, serving dishes and cutlery.

If your dining room is not very spacious, prefer a low cabinet rather than a dresser that is much more imposing and creates a feeling of suffocation. Leave the walls free to hang a shelf for example. The furniture showcase are very popular to let the beautiful dishes appear, provided that everything is properly stored inside the furniture. Also think of lighting by adopting lampposts, suspensions and installing curtains that let in the light of day.

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