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Discover the floors of the bathrooms

Generally subjected to severe stress, the floor of the bathroom must deal with wear and the daily presence of water, splash, heat and moisture. Thus, tiling, laminate flooring or PVC should be chosen carefully and according to specific criteria.

The criteria of choice for the floor of the bathroom

The criteria of choice for the floor of the bathroom

One of the most important features for the bathroom floor is its resistance. Thus, he must be able to cope with water, but also with the tasks while being anti-slip. We must therefore favor the mosaic and tiling, to the detriment of polished finishes. In addition, the quality / price ratio must also be taken into account when choosing the coating. To know that there are very accessible tiles. Finally, the ease of installation of the coating must also be taken into consideration. It should be noted that parquet and tiles require a glued installation, while the PVC floor in roll can be laid down freely and that vinyl tiles and slabs are self-adhesive or clip-on.


Tiling, including porcelain stoneware, is very popular in bathrooms where it is widely represented. Cheap and easy to maintain, it offers a wide range of choices in finish, style, color and shape. In addition, this coating resists water wear, stains and shocks.

the floors of the bathrooms in pvc

Namely that its degree of resistance is established according to different standards. In particular, it is defined by its sliding resistance, classified from A (more resistant) to C (less resistant).


Flexible PVC floors have the advantage of not being afraid of moisture while resisting wear and slipping. In addition, they are easy to clean. The thickness of the coating ensures comfort and sound insulation of the floor. As for the thickness of the wear layer, it determines the resistance of the soil. In addition, PVC offers a wide choice in terms of aesthetics with patterns and imitations of all kinds. It can be packaged in a roll and can therefore be installed without fitting, but also without glue in free laying or only with double-sided adhesive for large surfaces. In addition, the PVC slab or blade is pleasant to the touch because of its textured effect and is easily installed with a self-adhesive system or a clipping system. Be careful not to confuse PVC with linoleum which is not at all suitable for the bathroom.

The floor

Warm and robust wooden flooring finds its place in the bathroom provided you choose the right gasoline, a model compatible with water features and adhere to specific laying guidelines. Thus, exotic woods such as bamboo, teak or merbau are ideal for wetlands. In addition, some solid or laminated flooring is suitable for the bathroom. As for the wooden floors, they must imperatively be oiled or vitrified. The wooden floor can be glued directly on its support or clipped, floating. Finally, note that wood is a living material, which works over time and tends to become lighter in the sunlight.

The laminate

The laminate, practical and decorative, offers excellent value for money and a long life, provided you choose a model suitable for the bathroom. In addition, it offers a wide range of choices in style (modern, rustic, classic), finish (ceruse, patina, aged) and imitation materials. (wood, metal, leather). Easy and quick to install, the laminate is interlocked and can be placed on an already existing support. Attention, when laying a vapor barrier must be provided for infiltration and a protective underlay for sound insulation and waterproofing.

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