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Flat 60 slats, curved 12°, 60 slats, flat nylon, semi-flex curved 20°, 24 slats: System D presents the laminated composite discs.

to grind without making mistakes

Choosing the right composite slit disc of angle grinder? Easy! When we know their least differences:

Flat 60 slices

60-Slice Flat Angle Grinder Disc

• Grinding, sanding flat surfaces
• Stainless steel, chrome, nickel, steel, metal, cast iron
• Zirconium abrasive, cotton mixed canvas, polyester
• Intensive use

Domed 12°, 60 slats

Circular angle grinder disc 12°, 60 slats

• Grinding, sanding all surfaces
• Stainless steel, chrome, nickel, steel, metal, cast iron, titanium, bronze
• Ceramic and aluminum abrasive, polyester fabric, anti-heating additive

Flat nylon

Flat nylon angle grinder disc

• Cleaning, polishing all surfaces
• Stainless steel, paint, varnish, putty, plastic, wood
• Silicon carbide resin, fiberglass tray

Semi-flex curved 20°, 24 slats

20° curved semi-flex angle grinder disc, 24 slats

• Cleaning, polishing, sanding all surfaces
• Stone, concrete, resin, granite, marble, cast iron
• Synthetic resin binder, fiberglass tray

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