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VRDs are essential for connecting to electricity, water and gas networks. In fact, when a house is built, roadwork must be done so that it can be supplied with water and electricity.

What are VRDs?

VRDs include electricity, water, gas networks but also phone and internet. Road networks also concern sewerage networks. If it is not compulsory to connect to the road networks, the evacuation of wastewater must be done in the standards, that is to say, by pipes that allow the flow of dirty water to avoid rejecting them directly in nature. VRDs also concern the evacuation of rainwater.

How to connect your home to various road networks?

When building a house, the connecting pipes to roads and various networks must be buried. Earthworks must be done to bury the pipes to a sufficient depth. It will also be necessary to ensure that the pipes are buried so that they do not freeze in winter. The minimum depth will depend on where the construction is planned, the municipality or the climate among others.
It must also be ensured that the pipes are buried at a sufficient distance between them.

Who to turn to for roadworks?

Regarding electricity, it will be necessary to contact ERDF to be able to connect his house. It is advisable to check that such a connection is possible before starting the construction work. The town hall can provide additional information to verify the possibilities of connections to different roads and networks. For gas and water, a connection request to this effect must also be made.
To be able to benefit from a telephone line, it will be necessary to contact the general direction of telecommunications.

The cost of the various connections will depend on the distance to which the land is located where the construction is planned in relation to the connection networks. If the networks are close, the cost will be lower whereas it will be different if the networks are further away since the work will therefore be more important. This is why it is important to inquire before the start of the work because if the networks are not close to the field, this can lead to additional costs.

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