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Make a Christmas chandelier

Necessary material

  • Iron suspension with 28 transparent glass tealight holders
  • 4 leaves grape format of red tissue paper
  • 4 leaves grape format of darker red vegetable weft
  • Scissors
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Brush
  • Empty jam jar
  • Cutter
  • White paint,
  • Brush
  • Stencil brush, cloth
  • Letters to paint in balsa N, O, E, L
  • Money bomb
  • Medium nylon thread
  • Vegetable garland with red berries
  • Red plastic garland with luster pattern, chair and vase
  • Various decorations: engraved mirrors, stars and butterflies; firs, bells, stars and deer in thick openwork felt; striped balls
  • 28 tealights

Difficulty: Very easy
Completion time: 12 hours at least (excluding drying time)

Decorate the candles

  • Cut strips of about 5 cm wide into the two varieties of red paper.
  • Then cut them into pieces of 6 cm to 7 cm with scissors.
  • Prepare the wallpaper glue in a jar of jam.
  • Coat each candle with glue.
  • Apply the slightly overlapping pieces of paper by mixing them until the entire glass is covered with the glue-coated brush.
  • Allow to dry completely (about 12 hours).
  • Remove any excess paper from the top and bottom of the glass with the cutter.

Decoration on the glasses

  • Dip the stencil brush into the white paint.
  • Wipe off the excess paint on a dry cloth and then polish evenly on the paper-covered glasses.

Accessories for the chandelier

Paint and suspend letters

  • Paint the silver bomb letters "CHRISTMAS".
  • Let dry and hang with a nylon thread.

Install berries on the garland

  • Twist the garland of red berries on the bottom structure.

Decorate the Christmas chandelier

  • Separate the small decorative elements (chandelier, chair and vase) from their garland and reattach them with the nylon thread to the structure at regular intervals.

Decorations on the chandelier for Christmas

  • Complete according to the inspiration with the other decorations gleaned (balls, pompons, mirrors, stars...).
  • The key is to decorate the structure in red, white and silver tones.

Video Instruction: How To Design Christmas Candle Centerpieces