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All deco tricks deco System D to customize a wooden screen.

decorative idea: customize a wooden screen

Necessary material

  • Wood screen (De Brut en Bois) The panel: H 152 cm x W 41 cm.
  • Painting Resources: 1 ivy panel: SC 219 / SC 267 / SC 283, 1 panel sheet: SC 245 / HC 57, 1 rose bay panel: SC 267 / HC 89 / SC 294.
  • 1 Brush brush wide.
  • 1 medium brush.
  • Templates opposite enlarged to the photocopier.
  • Pencil.
  • Rubber.
  • Rule.
  • Bracket.

Difficulty: Quite difficult
Completion time: 12 hours (excluding drying time).

  • Paint each side of the duplex screen with a color (Resource, SC 219 for the ivy pattern, SC 245 for the leaf pattern and SC 267 for the rose bay pattern.)
  • Let dry.
  • Enlarge the templates below to the copier.

Ivy pattern template to paint

printable ivy pattern

Template for leaf pattern to paint

printable pattern

Pattern for rosehip bay to paint

printable rosehip pattern

  • Draw a grid every 5 cm in light pencil on the painted screen.
  • Freehand, trace the enlarged contours of the ivy tile pattern by tile.

  • Paint with a medium brush the pattern obtained (here with the color SC 267).
  • Then paint the lighter parts (here with reference SC 283).
  • Let dry.
  • Erase the traces of pencil.
  • Repeat the operation for the two other parts: the leaf pattern (with the color HC 57 (there is no lighter color on this motif)) and the rose hip pattern (with references HC 89 then more clear SC 294).

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