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Your plates change decoration for the winter with embossing ink. The tips to follow to succeed beautiful botanical plates.

Creative hobby and deco: create presentation plates with embossing ink

Necessary material

  • Irregular oval green plates (Maisons du Monde)
  • Foam rubber sheet in thin plate, 2 mm thick (Leisure and Creations)
  • Alcohol to burn
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • White embossing ink
  • Transparent embossing powder
  • Embossing gun

Difficulty: Way
Completion time: 3 hours

The step-by-step realization of presentation plates:

Trace on a sheet of foam some silhouettes of aromatic herbs (Models can be found in a dictionary or on the Internet).
Then cut them carefully with scissors.

Ink a pattern on the wrong side.
Apply it on the side of the plate previously cleaned with alcohol.
Pour a small shower of embossing powder over the inking.
Blow to spread the powder and remove the excess.

Take the embossing gun, hold it about 10 cm from the pattern, and heat for a few seconds: the ink liquefies and then hardens.
Let dry and cool.
If there are burrs, grind with the tip of a cutter.

Be careful, these plates are made to present small dry ovens or small bowls, not to eat there.

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