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Explanations to customize a wooden tray by painting it and creating flowery patterns.

Decoration of a wooden tray to paint

Necessary material

  • Wooden tray to paint or old rectangular or square tray
  • Pébéo 6-tone acrylic deco paint (here: cream beige n° 69, beige n° 70, light pink n° 26, dark pink n° 44, khaki green n° 66 and brown n° 74)
  • Normal brush for the tray, fine and medium for the reasons
  • Plate of glass with dimensions of the interior of the tray
  • Printed fabric (wallpaper style) with a floral pattern (to serve as a model)
  • Oily white or black pencil
  • Cutter
  • Deco paint bomb ice blue matte satin
  • Glue tube for glass

Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 2 hours (excluding drying time)

  • Paint the tray in khaki green.
  • Place the chosen fabric under the glass plate.
  • Decide the flowery pattern in bold pencil in the main lines: isolate the largest masses according to the different tones with precise surrounds, this will help for the painting step. Here, 6 different tones were used.
  • Paint only the flowery patterns without touching the background, which must remain transparent.
  • Paint by loading with paint so that the color covers the glass well.
  • Correct mistakes by scraping dry paint with a cutter.
  • Once the patterns are painted and dry, paint the background evenly: place the plate (paint side towards you) on a newspaper in a ventilated area and bend over the painted patterns using the spray can.
  • Two crossed layers are needed.
  • Let dry.
  • Place the glass plate, paint side, on the bottom on the tray. The pattern appears perfectly smooth and protected.
  • With a few glue points for glass, fix it to the bottom of the tray, at the four corners.

Video Instruction: DIY Fabric Decorative Tray Tutorial