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Explanations step by step to make yourself a suspended hammock and its support.

A hammock to do yourself

Necessary material

  • 2 carabiners
  • 2 reels of rope of 15 m
  • 20 metal eyelets 14 mm in diameter
  • 2 wooden sticks 3 cm in diameter and 1 m long
  • 2 rectangles of woven fabric fusible of 102 x 262 cm
  • Very resistant wire
  • 1 rectangle of plain outer covering of 102 x 262 cm
  • 1 outer printed canvas rectangle measuring 102 x 262 cm
  • Iron
  • pins
  • Sewing machine

Preparation of fabrics to make a hammock

Cut the tarpaulin to make a hammock

  • On the outer covers, mark the length and width of the rectangle with a chalk.
  • Gently cut the fabric.
  • Install the two rectangles right side up.

DIY: how to make a hammock yourself?: hammock

  • Mark the four backstage entries hammock on the big side. For this, it is necessary to place a pin to 11 cm and 16 cm of the small side.
  • Pin the contour of the cut tarpaulin.
  • Create a bounded opening with the pins to return the hammock.

Stitch the fabric to make the hammock

  • All around the hammock, stitch 1 cm from the edge.
  • Be careful not to stitch between the marks and mark the beginning and end of the seam with a back stitch.
  • notch the angles of the hammock.

Strengthen and iron hammock heads

  • Reinforce the heads of the hammock. The carnations will be placed there with the fusible tape on the underside of the short sides of the printed tarpaulin.
  • Flip the hammock over the place and iron.
  • AT 10 and 15 cm short sidesdraw two lines with chalk to delineate the backstage.

Topstitch the entire outline of the hammock

  • Stitch on the mark.
  • Top all around the hammock 6 mm from the edge. Do not sew the backstage entrance. Start and finish each seam portion with a back stitch.
  • Draw a line parallel to each of the short sides 5 cm from the edge.
  • On this line, mark the locations of the eyelets. They are at the ends 5 cm from the edge. They are spaced 10 cm apart.

Installing the eyelets for the hammock

  • Center the male part of the eyelet on the first landmark.
  • In the pen, draw the inner outline. Then, cut out on the plot.
  • Install the male part of the eyelet on the place of the hammock. Then place it in the matrix.
  • Place the female part of the eyelet on the back of the hammock. Crimp with a hammer.
  • Place the hammock on the spot and hold it with weights.
  • Put the carabiner on 50 cm from the edge of the hammock.

Realize the woven tie of the hammock

Make the rope of the hammock

  • Thread one end of the rope into the eyelet at one end of the hammock, passing through the bottom and into the carabiner, leaving a 1m surplus.
  • With the rest of the rope, form a loop and pass it under the hammock and the second eyelet.
  • Pass the buckle through the open karabiner. Ensure that the loop returns under the carabiner. Being careful not to move the whole, slightly tighten the rope.
  • Repeat the previous step for all the eyelets. The loop must always be placed in the same way. Let go 1m surplus with the last passage of the rope in the eyelet.

DIY: how to make a hammock yourself?: yourself

  • Lift the first rope passing under the carabiner with a knitting needle. Pass the next below. Repeat for each loop. The threads belonging to the same loop must pass successively on or under the needle.
  • In the space provided by the knitting needle, pass the two extra pieces of rope.
  • Pulling on both ends and loops, tighten the weave.
  • Repeat the last two operations in two rows.

Realization of the rope for the hammock

  • Set aside a loop at each end. Repeat the weaving with the remaining six loops in two rows.
  • Reproduce the previous step.
  • Bring both ends to the front of the weave.
  • Finish with two successive knots.
  • The weaving must be tight.
  • Cut the ends leaving 30 cm of surplus.

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