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In order to get rid of rats, very destructive when they invade a house, there are several types ofbait simple to make and put in place at home. They are also safe for humans, since the products used are non-toxic.

Eliminate rats with homemade bait.

There are simple baits to perform to eliminate rats.

Necessary material

Recipe 1

  • cola drink
  • several cups

Recipe 2

  • plaster and flour
  • OR sugar mixed with quicklime
  • water
  • several cups

Anti-rat bait recipes

The principle of each recipe is to use a bait, that is to say a food or a product that will attract the rat and encourage him to consume it. Negative for the rat, they will cause his death.

Recipe 1

Drinks composed of cola are known to be deadly if a rat ingests them. So just pour a little of this drink in different cups spread over the areas of passage of rodents. After drinking a little of this product, the rats will die.

Recipe 2

Prepare a mixture of plaster and of flour, either sugar and of quicklime. One of these two mixes should be placed in different cups to be placed throughout the house. Beside each, think well to deposit also a cup of water. It is the consumption of one of these mixtures and the water that will inflate the stomachs of intruders and ultimately kill them.

WarningThese baits are to be banished from houses where pets are found, especially if they are close to the race of rodents like guinea pigs.

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