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Decorate a rug with the Deco System Deco Tips...

paint and embroider a decorative rug

Necessary material

  • Cotton carpet 60 cm x 90 cm (Fly)
  • Falls of printed fabric in the same tones (Moline)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • pins
  • Skein of cotton to embroider anise
  • Needle to embroider

Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 5 hours

  • On the carpet, draw pencil flowers inspired by the patterns on the photo.
  • Cut about twenty petals and as many stems as necessary in the fabric falls by providing a 5 mm back all around.

  • Using an iron, fold the edges of each petal and each stem upside down.
  • Arrange the flowers by overlapping the pieces of fabric on top of each other.
  • Pin on the carpet when the composition is found.

  • With an embroidery needle, stitch the edges at regular large apparent stitches (about 1 cm).

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