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Building a small greenhouse makes it possible to have a place to have a few seedling trays and to grow tomato plants in pots or bags. When laying the foundation, remember that the concrete must dry for at least one night.

Construction of a greenhouse with recovery

Necessary material

  • Recovery glazing
  • Recycled cleats
  • Recovered polycarbonate plates
  • Screw
  • nails
  • mastic
  • Underlay for wood
  • Recovery hinges
  • Painting

Difficulty: difficult
Dimensions: 1,800 mm (L) x 1,300 mm (W) x 2,000 mm (H)

dimensions of the greenhouse

The greenhouse measures 1.80 x 1.30 m. These dimensions were determined by the size of the recovery windows. Draw a scale plan on a sheet beforehand to know how to arrange the panels.

The construction of the greenhouse consists of theglazing assembly, then the realization of the foundations and the base before mounting the sides. Then, it is necessary to fix the roof, then the door, and proceed to the possible finishings.

Prepare the glass panels for the greenhouse

Classify recovery glazing

  • Classify the glazing two by two.

Screw cleats on the sides of the glazing

  • To assemble the panels, screw cleats on each side of the glazing.

Adjust the cleats to the dimensions of the windows

  • Depending on the size of the windows, adjust the size of the cleats so that the windows are large enough to form the walls of the greenhouse.

Realize the base of the greenhouse

realization of the floor of the greenhouse

A quick and easy solution is to make a floor slightly larger than the final greenhouse. Here, the frame of the base has been realized with recovery wood placed on holds. Thus, the elements are well level, the shims being placed on concrete supports.

Fixing recovery boards

  • Fix the boards. We chose a mixture of blades of pallets and falling boards.
  • To join two boards, do not forget that their ends must rest on the same joists.
  • Once all boards are laid, cut them to the correct size using a circular saw.

Assemble the sides for the greenhouse

Assembly of the greenhouse

  • The panels of the greenhouse can be glass or wood. We can also associate the two as shown.
  • Position the glass panels and check that they are plumb with a level.
  • Temporarily support them with cleats at an angle.

Climb the greenhouse

  • Place the rest of the items, not forgetting to measure the width needed for the door.
  • At this point, the walls of the greenhouse are almost finished.
  • However, add ties and screw them to reinforce the structure: put clamps to immobilize the elements time to perform the holes and remove the cleats; reattach the windows with putty for outdoor use if necessary.

Installation of the roof of the greenhouse

  • Remove the reinforcing bars and arrange the roof.
  • Ask a adhesive sealing tape at the joints between wood and plastic.

Add the roof of the greenhouse

Setting up the roof of the greenhouse

  • Cut the panel for the roof to the desired dimensions, providing a small overhang on each side.
  • Here we used a polycarbonate drop from an old greenhouse.
  • The panel is tilted: the front is higher than the back so that rainwater can easily drain.

Greenhouse finishes

install the greenhouse door

  • Fill any empty areas with planks (here, the bottom of the rear window).
  • Paint the exterior with wood underlay and then apply a coat of exterior paint of the grade of your choice.
  • Fix the door with sufficiently strong hinges (here, hinges English: they are both very robust and easy to fix because they land on the surface, without the need for mortise).
  • If the opening of the door is a little too wide, add a cleat (below) on the edge of the door and paint it with the color of the greenhouse.

door of the greenhouse

  • The handles and latches were also recovered.

Install shelves in the greenhouse

  • Paint the interior - ideally white, to increase brightness - with ordinary emulsion paint.
  • Add shelves according to your needs.
  • Here, they are fixed by means of hinges and chains at each end so as to be able to fold them to gain space if one wants to accommodate large plants.

Cover of the book Brico Jardin Rustica editions

This construction is extracted from the book Brico Jardin edited by Rustica.

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