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A good idea of ​​recycling 'deco for the house! System D gives a tip to turn an umbrella stand into vase holders for flowers.

Decoration idea: an umbrella stand became a vase holder

Necessary material

  • An old umbrella stand
  • Iron Special Remover (V33)
  • Brush
  • Wire brush
  • Jars of jam old thick glass

Difficult: Very easy
Completion time: 10 minutes

  • Pass on the umbrella stand iron stripper, with a brush, then leave for half an hour.
  • Brush with the wire brush.
  • Rinse with clear water and dry well.

  • Slide the jam jars filled with water into the circles.
  • Arrange the flowers.

  • It is possible to add some small white pebbles to the bottom of some pots.

Video Instruction: DIY Flower and Vase/ How to Recycled Your Old Umbrella #60