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An old armchair finds a new youth, dressed in a canvas printed in raw cotton.

decoration tutorial: revamp an old armchair

Supplies of this deco tutorial:

  • Chisel or cutter
  • Spring (s) upholsterer
  • String
  • Large printed cotton canvas bag, or postal jute bag (garage sale), or old cloth, or fabric printed with letters
  • Wall stapler
  • 4 m of upholsterer's strap
  • Tapestry tips
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and matching thread
  • Farrow and Ball Sample Paint "Ball Room Blue, # 24"
  • Brush

Step by step renovation of this old armchair:

Step by step renovation of this old armchair:

Remove the old fabric keeping the set to have a "boss".
Place the chair upside down, and remove the damaged spring (s).
Replace the old horsehair layer, or replace a new one if necessary.

DIY: Renovate an old chair: fabric

Replace the damaged spring (s) with new springs of the same size.
Attach the spring (s) with string, resting on the edges, to keep it upright.
Line in a quincunx with the upholstery strap to fix with points, stretching it to the maximum.
Paint the 4 feet with two coats of blue paint.

DIY: Renovate an old chair: renovate

In the fabric of the bag, remake a cover using the previous model as a pattern. Start with the seat that you hang with the wall stapler under the chair, taking care to make pretty clamps at the corners.

DIY: Renovate an old chair: armchair

Then, for the folder, sew a narrow bag, with pliers at the top, and thread it onto the backrest.

DIY: Renovate an old chair: chair

Finish sewing by hand with small dots.