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Long live recycling! The wooden structure of an old forgotten deckchair, repainted and dressed in the colors of summer, brings color and cheerfulness to the garden. Here's how to create custom garden furniture for the next beautiful jous!

Chilienne bayadère to do it yourself

Necessary material

  • Wooden chilienne structure
  • Turquoise painting ("Sea Water", The Little Shop)
  • Fabrics: canvas transat "Bidos Cassis" in 150 x 42 cm; espadrille canvas "Guéthary" in 150 x 15.5 cm; cotton canvas flowers "Misson" in 160 x 50 cm (Artiga)
  • Scissors and sewing machine
  • 150 cm croquet ribbons of red, green, orange and burgundy colors (Moline)
  • 30 cm of orange ribbon edged with white dots (Moline)
  • Matching wire 20 cm foam 4 cm thick
  • Wall stapler

Completion time4 hours (not drying)
Level: medium (how to sew at the machine)

Realization step by step of the chilienne bayadère:

detail of a blue deckchair with red stripes

  • Spray two layers of paint on the chilienne and allow to dry for 4 hours.
  • On the deckchair canvas, sew a 15.5 cm wide band of sneaker cloth.
  • Place a red croquet ribbon at the edge between the two canvases, on the seam.
  • Sew the ribbons croquet at various places, along the entire length of the deckchair.
  • Cut flowers in the "Misson" cloth and overcast them with a strong colored thread, using the buttonhole stitch of the sewing machine.
  • Then sew them on the deckchair canvas, by hand, in small dots.
  • Once the canvas is decorated, install it on the chilienne: fold the chilienne, wrap the canvas on the wooden top and staple the amount.
  • Repeat the operation on the bottom amount. The canvas must be stretched to have the ideal curvature!
  • Staple the orange ribbons on the wood of the top upright to hold the cushion.

Realization step by step of the cushion of the transat bayadère:

sew a pillow of chilienne bayadère

  • Cut out 2 rectangles of 23 x 30 cm in the canvases "Bidos Cassis" and "Misson".
  • Sew a strip of stripes (in a drop of used fabrics) of 8 cm wide on the flowery canvas as well as burgundy and orange croquet ribbons.
  • Sew the cushion cover right side up leaving an opening on the side of 15 cm.
  • Do not forget to insert two pieces of 15 cm orange ribbon, which will be used later to hang the cushion.
  • Return and introduce the foam.
  • Close with small dots.

Video Instruction: