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Need tranquility? Make this patchwork and bamboo screen to calmly enjoy your garden.

DIY: a patchwork and bamboo screen

Necessary material

  • 3 pieces of plain cotton canvas: taupe, mauve and gray, in 50 x 140 cm (Moline)
  • 4 prints of printed cotton canvas: "flowers", "plants", "psychedelic" and "ramages", in 60 x 140 cm (Moline)
  • Matching yarn
  • Sewing scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • 2 x 2 m fine white cotton for the lining
  • 5 bamboo stakes of 1.80 m (garden centers)
  • 10 m of linen string
  • 2 camping tent sardines
  • Various ribbons (at least 5) of 80 cm, in shades of fabrics

Difficulty: Way
Completion time : 4 hours

Step-by-step realization of a fabric and bamboo screen:

Cut the pieces of tissue:
Pan A: gray cotton canvas: 35 x 45 cm; purple: 10 x 45 cm; "psychedelic": 70 x 45 cm; "ramages": 20 x 45 cm.
Pan B: cotton canvas "flowers": 70 x 45 cm; gray: 10 x 45 cm; purple: 60 x 45 cm.
Pan C: cotton canvas "plants": 70 x 45 cm; "ramages": 30 x 45 cm; taupe: 20 x 45 cm; gray: 20 x 45 cm.
Pan D: cotton canvas "flowers": 35 x 45 cm; gray: 20 x 45 cm; "psychedelic": 70 x 45 cm; taupe: 15 x 45 cm.

Make 4 pieces A, B, C and D, sewing the pieces of fabric right side up. Each pan should measure in the end 125 x 45 cm.
Iron, then assemble to obtain a patchwork rectangle of approximately 125 x 174 cm.
Make a 1 cm hem at the top and bottom.
Cut and stitch the cotton lining to obtain a piece of 125 x 174 cm.
Make a 1 cm hem at the top and bottom.
Assemble patchwork and liner right side up. Stitch both sides, turn and iron.
You get a rectangle about 123x172 cm, open at the top and bottom.

Create slides in fabric sections

At both ends and at each pan connection (5 places in all), double stitch 3 cm wide (check with bamboo diameter). They will serve as slides to the 5 bamboo stakes.

Plant the bamboo from before and stretch the fabric

Slide the stakes into the slides. Plant the bamboo by stretching the fabric.
Cut the linen string in half and hang each piece at the top of the stakes of the ends.
Tighten each piece of string tightly with a sardine embedded in the soil.

decorate with ribbons a garden screen

Hang the decorative ribbons at the top of the 5 tutors.

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