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Spring is coming! With him, the return of the sun, warm temperatures and, consequently, work outdoors. After the winter season, its bad weather and its cold snaps, it is now necessary to check its facilities, carry out cleanings or even spend a brushstroke! Here's what you need to think about.

At the end of winter, nature takes back its rights and lives again. For the house, it's the same! It is therefore necessary to restart some installations, to carry out checks and to take advantage of them to make some improvements!

Outside the house

The terrace

It's a safe bet that your terrace will have served you little this winter! On the other hand, the humidity and the cold could cause damage to your terrace. This is the time to perform a deep cleaning, using a pressure washer and defoamers. If your coating is too damaged or has suffered frost, it may be time to install a more suitable material. Among these, the rice husk can be an interesting solution: resistant and maintenance free, its ease of installation will seduce you!

The facade

Make a visual inspection of the entire facade, paying particular attention to the side of your house exposed to prevailing winds. In particular, look for moisture and cracks at the bottom of the foundation walls, which may indicate a faulty gutter. If you feel that a coat of paint is needed, you can probably plan to repaint your facade. Wait, however, for the first days of the summer to do so, because spring is not yet synonymous with heat and intense sun! The summer period will ensure faster drying.

The roof and gutters

Tiles displaced or broken, mosses, gutters engorged or clogged: winter is not soft for roofs and gutters, which are on the front line to face the weather. Take advantage of the first days of good weather to get on the roof and maintain these elements. Repair the gutters and replace the broken tiles, without forgetting to equip you for the occasion: a suitable helmet and non-slip shoes are imperative before considering work on the roof! Note: If you have a rainwater recovery system, it will soon be useful. It's time to restart it and carry out a thorough maintenance!

Doors and windows

Just like the facade, the doors and windows of your house could suffer from wind and rain. Lubricate the hinges of the doors, oil the hinges and maintain the locks. Insulation joints may also have suffered: check their integrity or plan to replace them. This is also the time to think about maintaining the woodwork of the woodwork, if you are equipped: prepare to strip, sand and pass a stain on your woodwork doors and windows. Also remember to clean your window ventilation filters, especially if you are using a wood burning stove: they can get dirty in late winter.

Inside the house

Heating and VMC

Maintain heating and ventilation elements If you have already switched off your boiler, it is necessary to dust the radiators. You can proceed using a wet mop and a hair dryer: place the mop behind the radiator - stretched on a hanger - and put the hair dryer on the entire device: the dust will peel off and will settle on the mop. The key: a healthier air during the next heating season!

It is also recommended to clean the VMC elements: unclog the ducts with a vacuum cleaner and clean any filters. Note: If you have dual controlled mechanical ventilation, complete duct maintenance should be done every five years.

The decoration!

It is not strictly speaking a maintenance or repair activity, but often, a change of scenery is necessary during the spring! The return of the beautiful days gives us ideas and new desires. Why not repaint your living room or install an interior wall? Without going so far, just to blow a wind of cool on your home, you can already start by cleaning your curtains and net curtains and change them if they do not suit you anymore!

Our advice in addition: if you have suffered the cold this winter, it may be time to consider an insulation of your attic and your walls! Attics protected from drafts and walls insulated from the outside will allow you to obtain a warm interior temperature and substantial heating savings next winter. And the insulation of your walls and attics will also be useful in summer, keeping the freshness inside your home!