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From the bathroom to the garden, this small dented toilet has been restored to health now to support home plantations! It becomes a reclaimed potting table 'very easy to make.

DIY: recycled potting table for gardening

Necessary material

  • Toilet table stand (flea market or garage sale)
  • Pine board 50 x 78 cm and thickness 18 mm
  • Black acrylic paint
  • 1 kit of 200 g of Eleonore Déco metaline "iron"
  • 150 ml of Éléonore Déco patina color "concrete"
  • Glue varnish Spatula of 6 cm
  • Brush brush 3 cm
  • Golden bugs
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Hammer and nails without head

Completion time 3 hours (without drying)
Level: Easy

Stages of realization of the potting table:

  • Start by painting the pine board with black acrylic paint (a quick coat on each side, as well as on the slices).
  • Following the manufacturer's instructions, mix the iron powder and water mixture and mix until you obtain a kind of pancake batter.
  • With the spatula, apply the mixture on the place of the tray, as well as on the slices.
  • Allow to dry, then scrub vigorously with the steel wool provided. Renew the operation to get even more effects.
  • On the edges, draw marks in pencil every 3 cm, then plant the bugs. Paint each bug head with black acrylic paint.
  • Allow to dry, then pass a little metal mixture. Let it dry again, then rub gently.
  • Mix three doses of patina color "concrete" with a dose of water and a dose of varnish glue satin.
  • Apply with a brush on the legs of the table (which are at the base in yellowed pine).
  • Leave to dry for a quarter of an hour, then, with the fine sandpaper, sand the edges and the reliefs of the feet to simulate the wear and unify the support with the plate.
  • Place the tray centered on the support and secure the assembly with the nails without heads.

Potting table to tinker yourself in the garden

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