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System D explains how to make a wall-mounted candle holder with a sheet of weathered aluminum sheet.

candle holder wall lamp

Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 4 hours, excluding drying time

The step-by-step realization of the wall-mounted aluminum plate candlestick:

  • Felt
  • Cutting pliers (metal)
  • Sheet of aluminum sheet 50 cm x50 cm n° 130 (Bricorama)
  • Old tea towels
  • Protective gloves
  • Dry point
  • Small roll of foam
  • Green-gray patina kit (copper and green) (Leisure and creation)


Inspired by our enlarged diagram, trace the felt pattern on the aluminum sheet to obtain a sheet 30 cm wide and 40 cm high without the stem.
Put on the protective gloves to avoid getting injured with the sheet metal, then cut as carefully as possible along the path using the cutting pliers.
On a table, stack tea towels to create a soft support.
Lay the cut sheet upside down. Press firmly and regularly with the dry point along the cutout to obtain a dashed frieze.
Apply a layer of copper plaster. Let dry.
Pass a second layer, then the green tone when it is still wet. The verdigris appears after an hour.
Bend the stem and make a cut with the pliers to the diameter of the candle, then another at the top of the sheet to be able to introduce a fixing hook.

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