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I would like to have an asphalt garage driveway. Could you help me on the different coatings that exist and their quality as well as on the application tips.

A very popular solution currently: ask a coated pavement walkable (see JDM website or COLAS). Permeable to water, it does not retain moisture, it is more aesthetic than a conventional bituminous coating, does not suffer from bad weather and is very easy to maintain.

Bitumen, on the other hand, is a petroleum-based product with which the two coatings most used in the construction of driveways and access roads are used: asphalt and bilayer. The asphalt is a carpet 1 to 12 cm thick. The bilayer as its name suggests is composed of two successive layers: a layer of gravel sprayed with bitumen emulsion that will be covered by finer gravel. Be aware that the cost of the bilayer is lower but its life is limited (about 5 years); asphalt is more expensive but you will at least double the life of your driveway.

Whatever technique you choose, it should be implemented by a professional.

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