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Make a wooden garden shed

Having a shelter in your garden is very useful. whether to store equipment or to host a member of the family, you can install this type of development yourself.

DIY enthusiasts, this is a fun activity to take care of a few weekends: make your own wooden garden shed. Customized, with new or recycled materials,... whatever model you decide to build, it's a kind of giant "Lego" waiting for you. Simple, fast and fun, you can build it alone or with family, provided of course that you make it a fun activity and not a constraint!

Make a wooden garden shed: garden

First, define the desired height and area of ​​your garden shed. The floor space should be less than 20 m² if you do not want a building permit but just a work permit.

What materials to use for the construction of a garden shed?

Pallets, reclaimed wood, new wood? The design will vary a bit for pallets that are already prefabricated modules (see how to assemble pallets), for the rest free course to your imagination. For the floor, it will take a concrete slab or a wooden floor on stilts, the important thing is to cut you off the soil moisture. Then we prepare a supporting structure with vertical uprights, high sleepers for rigidity, a sloping or flat frame according to your tastes.

For the assembly of beams, planks, joists and rafters, how to proceed?

The wood assembles by making butt joints by gluing and / or screwing, half-timber, or mid-dovetail. For a beginner, the butt and the simple half-wood are easy and allow solid assemblies. It is also possible to use additional brackets to reinforce the assembly.

Make a wooden garden shed: garden

Wood screws or nails should be good sections to ensure maximum strength in your construction. I personally prefer to use screws for the structure (if possible Torx head) and nails for planking.

Make a wooden garden shed: garden

Choose and install the roof

For the roof, depending on the surface and the frame chosen, you can use osb or plywood panels as a roof support. Then, several products are offered to you for sealing: the EPDM, the shingle, the corrugated sheet or imitation tile, the resin molded tile plates, the methacrylate plates, the terra cotta tiles or the tile Of wood. Each system has its advantages and specificities of assembly.

Some finishes for more comfort

For the power supply of the garden shed, you will make a trench with a buried sheath, type Janolène 40mm or, if the use is punctual, an extension of electric section will suffice.

For joinery, recovering old joinery can be done for a few tens of euros only, windows and used doors sometimes even new being easy to find. Search through garage sales but also on free classifieds sites.

Think of making a roof overhang a little important that allows both to store in the shelter of the rain for short periods of bulky materials and protect your walls. On the frame, a piece that protrudes with a pulley makes it possible to work suspended parts. Use the slope of the roof to collect rainwater. Install a solar panel to power a led light if you are not connected.

Here in a few hours of work, the pleasure of having made your own wooden garden shed for a controlled budget.

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