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It's decided, you want to build a garden shed to better enjoy the summer. Before you head down, find out about any administrative steps to take.

Is a building permit required for a garden shed

Is a building permit required for a garden shed

Garden shed: what administrative procedures for which area?

Depending on the surface of your garden shed, you may or may not have the paperwork to do to be in good standing:

  • Under 5 m²: no administrative procedure is required.
  • Between 5 and 20 m²: make a preliminary declaration of work.
  • More than 20 m²: ask for a building permit.

To measure the surface of your garden shed, the law takes into account the notions of "floor surface" and "footprint".

  • Floor area: Addition of closed floor areas (4 walls, one or more doors and windows) and covered by a roof when the ceiling height exceeds 1.80 m, regardless of the thickness of the insulation.
  • Footprint: by imagining a light source placed vertically above the garden shed, the footprint includes the space occupied by the shadow of the building projected on the ground. It is calculated taking into account the thickness of the walls, whether the construction is closed or not.

Our advice for your administrative procedures

For your preliminary declaration of work, send the cerfa form requested and the supporting documents in two copies at the town hall of your municipality. For your building permit application, send to your town hall the cerfa form required and the supporting documents that accompany it, in four copies.

Check the plus (Local Plan of Urbanism) of your town hall to know the materials and the implantation which are authorized. You can not always build your garden shed wherever you want. Regarding materials, if you dream of a metal garden shed but the PLU in force prohibits it, it will be necessary to think of another model. Failure to comply with a PLU may result in prosecution.

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