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I am going to be absent for 3 to 4 weeks, and ask me whether to stop or not my water heater, usually this is recommended. In one answer, you say that the consumption is low, but if we cut the power supply, there will be more consumption, so éconnomie energy, the water will cool, there is not a risk legionellosis?

As I have already pointed out, consumption of a water heater that we do not use is very small. For a period of absence of 4 weeks, I would not cut it, considering that at the end of this period, the rise in temperature will take certainly involve a consumption of energy higher than that engendered by a maintenance in temperature.
With regard to risks of legionellosis, it is clear that they are higher if the water temperature is below 50° C. If you cut your water heater, when you restart it, wait for the water to warm up and let the water run several minutes, especially in the shower, a place of potential contamination (leginellosis is caught by inhalation of contaminated water particles). Some temperature-controlled water heaters permanently maintain a water temperature of 50° C.

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