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The domino induction is an efficient cooking module. Whether you have a big or a small space, whether you live alone or with your family, domino is no shortage of assets. All the practical details about domino cooking induction, to follow in this article.

Induction cooking domino with 2 fireplaces

Induction cooking domino with 2 fireplaces

What is a domino induction cooking?

A domino cooking is a modular equipment, generally measuring 30 cm wide and 50 cm deep.

In this same family, we find induction dominoes, generally equipped two cooking hotplates.

The principle of induction is based on a phenomenon related to the presence of electromagnetic fields.

In order to install a domino induction, it will be necessary to embed it in the work plan of the kitchen.

To noteIn order to allow the air to circulate, it is important to respect a gap of a few centimeters between the induction coil and any other electrical appliance placed underneath.

In which case opt for an induction domino?

The induction domino finds its place in all types of cuisine:

  • Small kitchens (or kitchenettes).

When space is limited, the dimensions of the domino induction and its dual focus seem more suitable than a conventional four-burner hob. Especially since the performance of induction here allow to maintain a perfect cooking quality of food. Small space is not synonymous with bad cooking.

  • The big kitchens.

When sufficient space is available and it is desired to release a multi-burner hob, it is possible to to install side by side several dominoes induction.

Why choose dominoes for induction cooking?

The induction domino features an elegant design that brings a note of modernity on the cooking surface. It can blend in with the décor of any kitchen.

The induction cooking mode is particularly practical and is therefore suitable for all households, singles or large families.

Induction domino plates are easy maintenance and the risk of burns almost non-existent, the perceived temperature being limited.

Induction cooking consumes very little electricity, heat loss being here non-existent.

Finally, we find this type of domino at a price of 60 €, up to nearly 1000 €.

Video Instruction: How to install your AEG Domino Gas and Induction Hob - Worktop installation