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Domino, instructions for use

Dominoes, also called connection bars, are used for electrical connections or taps.

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Tools and materials needed:

A domino whose diameter of the dice of connection corresponds to the wire used
A wire stripper
A cutter
An insulated pliers screwdriver

Step 1: preparing the surface and the material

It is first and foremost imperative to turn off your circuit breaker.
Pull out your electrical wires then strip them with the pliers.
Then unscrew the small screws without removing them.

Step 2: connection

Domino, instructions for use: instructions

After having twisted them (only for flexible wires), insert the stripped parts of the wires into the connection dies, making sure to match them in pairs (next to each other).
Once the wires are installed, tighten the screws (without exaggerating too much so as not to deform or shear the wire) so that the copper of the bare wire is no longer visible.

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