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The composite is a modern material, also called fiberglass. It is a material with very high technical performance, which is found in the manufacture of TGV for example. A gateway as solid as a TGV? Why not…

The strengths of the composite door

The composite door has the same overall appearance as a wooden door. The good news: the composite has all the qualities of wood, like:

  • Solidity. A composite door is extremely strong and hard, and will withstand shocks perfectly. It will therefore provide a very good level of security for the home, since it is even stronger than a steel door. We can even find armored models.
  • insulation. A composite door offers a thermal and acoustic insulation simply excellentmuch better than an aluminum door for example.

And if the composite offers the same qualities as wood, it's without the disadvantages that come with it!

  • Maintenance free. Apart from a seasonal cleaning, no need to maintain more than that a composite door.
  • Well dressedEven if our composite door is subject to rain and salt (if you live near the sea), it will not spoil. It does not rust, and unlike wood the composite does not rot, even with time.
  • At the color level, manufacturers offer a wide range of choices.

Composite door: the weak points

The composite door has some slight defects:

  • A very recent product. The composite is a modern material: we do not yet have the necessary perspective to say whether or not, its technical qualities are sustainable in the long term in all circumstances.
  • The appearance. Even though the composite imitates wood better and better, some blame the composite door for its appearance a little artificial.

What price for a composite door?

Overall, the prices are the same as for an aluminum door, namely: between 800 and 1250 € for a standard model, knowing that from 1000€, we have very good doors.

If you're looking for higher-end models, you have to count between 1500 and 2500 €, with composite doors that can reach 4000 €.

Video Instruction: How to fit a composite door - PROPER SMART DOOR