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Bold diversion, this strange shelf does not go unnoticed and showcases your houseplants! Two assets of charm: originality and simplicity of realization!

An old sewing machine table made of cast iron become gardening table

Practical advice

Do not hide the ornaments or use them to run a few wandering branches. The pedal will support a fairly heavy plant, but avoid volumes in height to not hide the signature that gives so much cachet to all!

Flea markets and empty granaries are full of old cast iron sewing machines whose charm matches only the solidity.
The idea of ​​recycling the structure touches us all one day. To get off the beaten track and make it this original door gardener, it was enough of a few additions: the color, two wrought iron pegs, two drawer knobs and a balcony.

First, prepare...

Cleaning the base is not an easy task. After removing the wooden tray, wash it with soda lye and rinse with plenty of water. Let it dry for several hours.
● Despite the strength of the metal, the rust has done some damage. Especially at the level of the base and the pedal, used by the feet of the users. Scratch the rust points with the wire brush, but also the entire base to reveal the attacks that may go unnoticed. The details of the patterns are hard to reach with the brush. Only steel wool and a lot of patience can refine the preparatory work necessary before painting.

... then dare...

Decorative anti-rust paints (Julien, Tollens, Astral, Valentine, Hammerite...) make it possible to dispense with the treatment underlayment. In addition, the range of colors allows many fantasies. A bright red was chosen because, complementary color of the green, it will put the plants in value. Plan two layers well drawn with a fine brush for an impeccable stretch. Be careful, there are so many nooks!

... then divert

Initially intended to support a tray, the base has orifices that can be used. To build the decorative backsplash on the back, bolt two 25 cm black painted steel pegs. Self-drilling machine screws with large head (15 mm) 25 mm long will be sufficient to fix them on the base. A 2 mm pilot hole is however preferable to facilitate penetration.
● At the front are screwed two metal drawer knobs. They are supplied with their screws, but check that their length is sufficient. Adapt others as needed. Paint black screws and bolts with antirust paint.
● Black iron balcony brackets are available everywhere in various sizes. Choose it after measuring the available space left by the wheel. Cut out the bottom in a Triply drop (known as water repellent) or CTB-H chipboard, and then paint it in black. Finally hang the balcony box at the backrest with its handles. Cale it well and put down your plants!

The old sewing machine

Base of old sewing machine

Solid, this old sewing machine has gone through the years without much damage. This encourages him to restore his base and divert it from its primary function.

Clean and rust the metal

Retype a base of cast iron sewing machine

Wash the metal and rinse thoroughly. The diagnosis reveals oxidation points, especially in the lower part. A meticulous rust removal is done with the hard wire brush.

Sand inside and nooks

Renovate the cast of an old sewing machine

Steel wool 000 can effectively sand the interior and recesses of the patterns of the structure. This certainly long work is essential for painting.

Use a diluted rust inhibitor

Repainting the cast iron

The first layer of paint, diluted with 5% of white-spirit ensures a good grip. Antirust, it avoids the step of the treating sub-layer. An appreciable saving of time!

Bolt and fix pegs

Bolt and fix pegs

Bolt the two hooks between them and attach them to the frame of the base. The existing holes are big enough: self-drilling screws for metal will pass through the steel hooks.

Fix the door knobs

Fix the door knobs

Attach the two door knobs to the existing holes in the front of the base: check that the original screw heads are suitable. Change them, if necessary, for a wider head.

Constitute and paint the bottom of the support

Constitute and paint the bottom of the support

Cut a 40 x 16 cm board into a Triply drop or water-resistant chipboard to form the bottom of the support. Paint it also in black on all sides, including songs.

Hang the box

A second life for a Singer sewing machine base

Lay the bottom in Triply in the balcony. Hang it and put it on the hooks with its two handles. Paint the screw heads and bolts with black paint for discretion.

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