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Overlooking a terrace or a garden, illuminating an entrance deemed too dark or linking two rooms, the French windows illuminate our daily life. Light on these essential elements of decoration and comfort.

The French window: illuminate your interior!

The French window: illuminate your interior!

The different types of French windows

The window door can include a bedrock, mostly wooden, and a glazed part in its height. At a time, it is often used as a front door, a house or an apartment. In this case, the quality of the windows is important. This must include anti-noise and burglar-proof treatments. They have the advantage, to be robust and affordable.

Inside, to delimit two rooms without actually separating them, the door window usually includes two leaves and a wooden base. This is especially the case in old buildings. When the window door does not have a base, the glazing can remain simple. The decorative glasses as stained glass also finds its place.

When the door window, one or two leaves outward, to a classic opening you may prefer a tilt-and-turn model. The leaves can then tilt and leave an opening of 10 to 15 cm, in the height only. Ideal to ventilate in rainy weather!

The various materials of a French window

Robust, aesthetic and ecological wood remains a safe value. He is forgiven for his requirement to be serviced regularly and his relatively high cost of purchase. But wood treatments tend to be simpler and prices for wooden patio doorsto democratize.

The advantage of a PVC patio door is first and foremost its modest price. PVC also has the advantage of having a good coefficient of thermal and acoustic insulation. Easy to maintain, it does not react to mildew and insects.

Aluminum, which is the most expensive of materials has the ability to support large and large windows. In addition to its design character, it does not require any particular maintenance. Only downside, its low coefficient of insulation, which manufacturers are in the process of remedying.

Special mention for the ideal combination: wood inside and aluminum outside. This association, indeed, allows to cumulate the advantages of each material, without their disadvantages. But the price remains high.

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