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Doorbell with intercom are installed in homes and apartments to warn of the arrival of a visitor and allow to enter from a distance. For more information on doorbell with intercom, see more of your article.

Characteristics of the doorbell with intercom

As regards sound warning device, several doorbells exist. Depending on the model chosen, the features and options may vary, as well as the price. Among the main types of bells, we find in particular the doorbell with intercom.

Intercom doorbells have the main advantage of grouping a sound alert system and an audio intercom into a single device.
The intercom, also called parlophone, is a device that controls access to a building. In the first place, the installation of an intercom gives the possibility of interacting with a person located outside the dwelling, via a handset fixed inside the property. Once the contact has been established between the two parties, the intercom is used to operate remotely the opening of the door or gate.

Operation and installation of a doorbell with intercom

Doorbells with intercom are complete equipment that contributes above all to securing buildings. Indeed, the setting up of a doorbell with an intercom in an apartment building, a house or a business premises, aims to prevent visitors from entering without being authorized.
For example, a doorbell with an intercom emits an audible signal when a person comes to the building and presses the pushbutton on the housing on the outside. The buzzer sounds in the loudspeaker inside the passenger compartment to warn the occupants of a visitor's presence. A handset, wired or wireless, allows the occupant of the building to communicate with the person outside, through the intercom system and can remotely operate the automatic opening.
Regarding the installation of a doorbell with intercom, it is possible to do it yourself or entrust the work to a professional. To know that the installation of a bell with wireless intercom is easier than that of a wired model, because it is not necessary to dig to put cables in place.

What are the prices of the doorbell with intercom?

Prices for intercom doorbells vary greatly depending on the model chosen and the options that the system is equipped with. If you decide to install an intercom bell at your home, you will need to choose between a wired model and a wireless model. To equip your home with a doorbell with intercom, you need to count on average between 20 € and 300 €.
In addition, note that the cost of the equipment can be added a cost of installation of your doorbell with intercom, in case you decide to call a professional. However, to reduce the budget allocated to your doorbell with intercom, you can also do the work yourself.

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