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Quotes online at the test bench

Dossier06-Comparison of online quote sites: online

With offers as tantalizing as each other, online quote request sites promise us all a maximum of contacts in a minimum of time. These sites that have multiplied in recent months provide a quality service and are they effective in all areas and throughout France? From advertising to reality, there can sometimes be a huge gap. To save you time and avoid a lot of disappointments, HandymanDuDenanche reveals this week the result of its survey of online quotes sites, in the third part of the file work.

During our investigations, we chose to compare the 5 main sites offering requests for quotes: 123 quotes, Devistravo, Quotatis, Easy Quote and Keltravo. To be based on the most concrete facts and the most precise possible, we filled the same requests of estimate on each site, in 6 different sectors and this in several French regions. Before comparing the answers obtained, we invite you to discover and analyze, according to several criteria, the different questionnaires and portals proposed by the sites in order to fill your online quote request...

Portals and quote forms

General ergonomics of the siteClarification of the application questionnaire
EasyReviews: 5Keltravo: 5
pleasant with aesthetic pages, well organized and easy navigation and logicalAdequate, the user is well guided, simple but judicious questions are asked without much to do. A large free field is left to the user so that he can explain his needs.
Keltravo: 4EasyReviews: 4
Clear, simple and easy to use, but sometimes long to load which hinders the fluidity of navigationtoo detailed, many questions are asked to the user who may end up discouraged. Note however that this is the only site that offers the user to send photos to artisans
123Reviews: 3Quotatis: 3
Overall, the site is clear although it is not always easy to find what you are looking for the first timeToo detailed, the description of the application is both long and tedious
QuotationWorks: 2123Reviews: 2
complicated with too small font, too many links, and tedious browsingtoo vague, the user has many free fields to fill and is often asked the same questions.
Quotatis: 1QuotationWorks: 1
complicated because the site does not only offer quotes for work more there are too many topics and pages to visit before being sure to find the right formtoo vague, the user is not guided in his request, the questions asked are almost always the same regardless of the project. Only positive point, a lot of freedom is given to add comments
Duration of the questionnairePortals and Quote Forms
QuotationWorks: 5

Dossier06-Comparison of online quote sites: sites

all the fields are quickly filled and there is no recurrence in the questions
Easy quote: 4
Relatively fast, but still longer than the two minutes displayed on the site
Keltravo: 3
the questionnaire is quickly filled but the loading of the pages makes us waste time. The site offers a significant free field, it is still necessary to prepare the definition of its needs before.
123Reviews: 2
too long, too many checkboxes and backtracks for easy little oversights
Quotatis: 1
too long, the same questions are repeated several times and he has a large number of pages to fill

Quote Request Results

Dossier06-Comparison of online quote sites: sites

For this first survey, we counted only the returns by e-mail. The artisanal partners of some sites like Keltravo, get in touch directly by phone. In a concern of legitimacy at the level of the comparison, we did not take into account these returns. Nevertheless, to remove any ambiguity, there have indeed been phone responses to the requests made by Keltravo and when this survey will be renewed in the coming months, we will take into account this criterion in order to be as exhaustive as possible.

Dossier06-Comparison of online quote sites: sites

Review of the survey

After having spent a lot of time on the online quote sites and contacted some of the artisans on offer, it seems obvious that the quality does not necessarily match the quantity. While some of the contractors we dealt with were competent and friendly, others seemed barely proficient in our language and offered us overpriced quotes with excessively long work times. It should also be noted that all the sites compared responded fairly quickly to our requests, thus respecting the promised deadlines. The online quote industry, which is still in its infancy, seems to have a long way to go, even if some have already positioned themselves on the upward slope. To be sure to make the right choice, once again, HandymanDuanche recommends that you focus on the qualitative to the quantitative.

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - November 15, 2007

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