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Define your needs before the work

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Renovating, building, or expanding one's habitat is sometimes an obstacle course. Before approaching building professionals, it seems essential to clearly define their needs. Without this, artisans will work in the vagueness and risk providing you with a quote that does not meet your expectations. To avoid unpleasant surprises and to get answers from the most suitable professionals, DuitDesign offers some ways to help you define your needs and expectations before you start your queries.

Why define your needs is important?

Any project that costs time and money should not be done lightly and without a good analysis of the situation. Whether changing a window or redoing a roof, it is essential to ask the right questions and know precisely the nature of the changes that you want to make in your home. To clearly communicate your expectations to artisans before you even meet them, you can provide them with valuable information that will guide them in their efforts and proposals.

Dossier06-Define-its-needs-before-the-work: your

Whatever type of work you want to do, you must first determine which craftsmen are the most qualified to meet your demand. For example, to remake the entire bathroom, a plumber will not be enough, the intervention of a tiler and a mason will also be necessary even if some craftsmen are versatile. To avoid being caught off guard in the middle of the construction site, remember to list all the professionals you may need.

Well analyze the situation

Dossier06-Define-its-needs-before-the-work: needs

Before starting anything, it is important to establish an accurate record of the current situation. For this, a large number of criteria must be taken into account. In case of renovation, to note the state of the materials or installations is the first thing to do. Know that it is not always necessary to replace all of your equipment. Humidity is also a factor to consider, often the root cause of many problems. Do not forget to count the number of square meters you want to renovate or add, and if necessary, the number of windows. Also remember to indicate the ceiling height. In short, write down all the information that may be useful for painting work. In addition to this, there are the installation constraints as well as the floor on which the future building site is located, knowing that the higher the floor, the higher the cost of the operation.

Organize logically

To be well organized, a chronological plan of the site is essential. We must therefore determine in advance the deadlines left to the craftsman, that is to say, the beginning and the end of the work. Always at the chronological level, it is important to list the work in order of importance but also according to the logic in order to establish priorities and to start with the most urgent.

After settling the question of time, it's time for money. Establish a budget based on the finances you want to spend on your work, while providing an extra margin for unforeseen events, which are almost inevitable. Based on these financial criteria you will already have an overview of the style of materials and solutions you will use and the type of craftsman you will be addressing.

Criteria according to the works

Dossier06-Define-its-needs-before-the-work: work

Level decoration, it is important to define in advance the colors, the type of painting, the patterns, the textiles, the lighting, the materials and the style of furniture that you wish to establish a correct estimate in adequacy with your tastes. Do not hesitate to inquire for yourself by surfing the Internet or by browsing magazines and specialized catalogs, to find sources of inspiration such as photos and examples of layout. This information will provide you with some information on market prices and help you judge the various quotes more easily.

In terms of roofing, it is essential to specify immediately to the roofer the roofing materials and the situation of your roof: infiltration, watertightness, humidity, age, broken tiles, holes, height, climatic conditions, state of the flashing, inclination, pinion, insulation, framing. You must also inform him of the treatments already done and the conditions of access to the upper part of your house.

As for electricity, it seems essential to inform the electrician about your system of individual connection to the network (aerial, underground or aeronautic). You must also tell your type of circuit breaker (differential or not, bipolar or four-pole), not to mention the age and current state of your installation but also the consumption of your home and the number of devices connected to the circuit.

Dossier06-Define-its-needs-before-the-work: essential

If you wish to undertake plumbingYou must indicate to the plumber the different materials that make up your pipes and the age of your installation. You will also need to tell them if your water heater is instantaneous or accumulative, not to mention how your sewage and rainwater systems work. Finally, let him know the materials he should use during his intervention by explaining all your expectations.

For heating, valuable information will help you to guide professionals to formulate quotes closer to your needs, such as the heating system and the type of radiators, boiler and energy used. It will also detail the inventory of your thermal insulation. The state and age of your installation are also essential elements to send to him, as well as the surface of your home and the precise details of the modifications, repairs or improvements that you will ask him to carry out.

If you want to start a construction site for isolate your homeFirst, determine which insulation is best for your needs. The thickness and material of your walls are important criteria that must be taken into account, as well as the exposure of your walls to the sun and the number of windows, not to mention the quality of your windows, and the climatic conditions of your area. Also specify the condition of your attics, isolated or not, arranged, developable or neither.

Dossier06-Define-its-needs-before-the-work: essential

For some carpentry work regarding doors and windows, many criteria must be taken into account. For the doors, the material, the dimensions, the insulation, the security, the direction of opening, the type of installation, the glazing (if there is any) and the aesthetics are to be determined without forgetting to specify if it is an interior or exterior door. As for the windows, the materials used, the shape, the dimensions, the insulation, the type of installation, the glazing, the articulation of the vane and the ventilation device must be decided before considering the requests for estimate.

To help you define your needs, you can also call on an interior designer who will suggest the best solutions to optimize your home without breaking the rules of common sense and aesthetics. He will then guide and coordinate the different craftsmen and workers while respecting your original intentions.

The multitude of job opportunities does not allow us to cover all sectors in a single article. HandymanDuanche therefore gives you an appointment every week for a new sheet guiding you step by step in the definition of your needs.

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - August 30, 2007