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Recently arrived on the job market, these professionals offer us services of a new kind. To answer all our questions and to conclude our file, two specialists, Mr. Christian Gahinet, president of Activ-works and of and Mr. Rémy Calmel, in charge of the site have accepted to engage in all the questions of HandymanDuDimanche for a cross interview.

HandymanDuanche: How do you define the service you offer to your private and business customers?

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Rémi Calmel: The individuals, can deposit their requests or projects on Keltravo for free to quickly obtain quotes of professionals in adequacy with their needs. As for building professionals, we provide them with projects, manually validated by an adequate service, serious projects according to their geographical zones and their skills.

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Christian Gahinet: We accompany the clients in the project management and transmit the information to the craftsmen. We move to individuals to better visualize their future work, to help them define and formulate their needs. In addition, this direct contact allows us to efficiently determine which trades must intervene for these developments. During the works we mediate between the two parties. As for craftsmen, we save them valuable time by preventing them from prospecting potential customers.

BDD: What are the guarantees that you offer to users using your services (number of returns, response time, quality and competitiveness of your partners...)?

CG: We guarantee to the customers the seriousness of the artisans through various criteria and obligatory parts, like their decennial insurance or an extract of K-bis... We offer a follow-up of the works to the individuals being present throughout the construction site even if we do not have the role of master builder. The majority of customers give us their keys.

R.C: Today we guarantee individuals an individual treatment of their projects. If they are not detailed enough, we do not hesitate to remind them to increase the quality. At the same time, we try to provide their project to 3 professionals so that they can compare various offers without being flooded with phone calls. Finally, all companies that will join them are validated so as not to provide "opaque" providers.

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BDD: How do you choose your craftsmen? What is their typical profile?

R.C: At the beginning of our activity, we worked mainly to attract networks and other big known brands. Following the many returns of individuals, we find that they prefer to be in contact with a craftsman or a company on a human scale that is nearby. The typical craftsman we are looking for has a solid experience (more than 10 years) and can cover several state bodies.

C.G: We choose the craftsmen according to the planned site but also according to their skills and their structure. Above all, we seek to understand how this professional knows how to satisfy his client and we try to propose him on sites most adapted to his structure and his know-how. They must have a perfect knowledge of the field in which we ask them to intervene.

BDD: What advice would you give to Internet users who wish to use your services?

R.C: When using our site it is advisable to have a real project, serious and defined in time. We find that perfectly detailed projects, with precise measurements, are often treated first and foremost by building professionals. Do not hesitate to be as explanatory as possible.

C.G: We advise individuals to clearly define their projects, to discuss as much as possible with our representative to go as far as possible in the development of the site. The more precise the needs, the more the craftsman can get closer to your request. For example, you can determine with the broker the range of materials you want to use.

BDD: What are the benefits to go through, for Internet users as for craftsmen?

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C.G: For individuals, it is a transparent and free service allowing them to rely on a quality network. Because in the field of works, the knowledge of a network is essential. For artisans, our intermediary allows them to focus on what they know best. In addition, our role as mediator allows a better flow of information between the two parties.

R.C: For individuals: a simple, fast, accessible to all, free, allowing to compare different offers of real motivated professionals. For professionals: a distinct source of business input, fast and detailed projects at a much lower cost than all other forms of prospecting.

BDD: How do you see the evolution of your sector in the years to come?

C.G: In June 2007, the brokerage federation under construction was created, so the sector tends to professionalize more and more, a label will soon be put in place. From a customer point of view, we see more and more individuals not considering DIY as a hobby to call our services but we also have many individuals who trust us for the work of their second home often located in several hundred kilometers from their main home.

R.C: We are today like in any sector startup on a plethoric offer that might seem exaggerated. It is obvious that the market will quickly clear to leave only the best. We bet that the qualitative aspect (versus quantitative) will prevail in this natural selection!

Hélène David - HandymanDuenchie - November 9, 2007

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