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How to double a beam carrier, to solidify it, knowing that I fell down the partition that was below, to enlarge the space. I put some props under it. It's an old wooden floor house that I want to renovate.

It is necessary to be extremely careful in this kind of situation, because the "partition" mounted under the beam is often, if not a carrier, at least one reinforcement element of the beam. This was often done in the country when the beam was flexed. You do not have 36 solutions: - to make acceptable what you did by replacing your props by vertical pieces of wood of a minimum of 200 x 200 mm section (which you will integrate easily to your decoration); - double the beam either with half-beams bolted on each side or with glue-laminated elements; - place under the beam a metal beam (that you can form) I profile whose size must be calculated by a professional.

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