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Trunnions (end), assembly diagram

It is often difficult to assemble two cleats in the extension of one another. The use of trunnions (round wooden pegs) offers an interesting possibility (the solidity is however relative).

Trunnions (end), assembly diagram: diagram

1. To locate the location of the trunnions, simply plant one end of one of the two pieces a tip without a head (cut with a pincer). By placing the second piece, it will be easy to locate the holes to be drilled. These will have a depth equivalent to half the length of the trunnions. It is best to use fluted journals that will prevent the glue from sticking to the bottom of the hole during assembly.

Trunnions (end), assembly diagram: assembly diagram

2. Again, it should be slightly stronger, the holes to be a little narrower than the trunnions. Do not forget to glue the end of the cleats for better strength.

Trunnions (end), assembly diagram: assembly diagram

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