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The law on energy transition aims for "green growth". A project that goes through the development of clean energy, recycling, nuclear safety, but also and especially by energy renovation since housing remains the largest energy consumers in France.

The main principles of the law on the energy transition

The objectives of the energy transition
  • halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
  • multiply the use of renewable energies
  • halve energy consumption by 2050
Establishment of provisions to multiply the energy renovation work on the housing stock to:
  • to reduce energy bills
  • to create jobs
Development of clean transport
  • multiplication of charging stations (7 million targets).
  • replacement premium for old diesel vehicles
Fight against waste
  • waste reduction
  • valorization of innovations, sorting and recycling
Development of renewable energies
  • valorization of resources
  • development of so-called future industrial sectors (simplified procedures, shortened implementation deadlines)
  • crowdfunding
Strengthening nuclear safety and citizen information in this regard
  • capping production at 63.2 GigaWatt
  • nuclear part reduced by 50% in 2025.

Law for Energy Transition and Renovation

The bill upgrades subsidies for energy retrofits, such as with the 30% ISCED (formerly the Sustainable Development Tax Credit).

But it also imposes new obligations energy renovation works in addition to:

  • a facelift
  • roof work
  • development of new rooms.

The law also allows certain derogations from the urban planning rules in the case of insulation work. Building permits and the prior declaration required for this type of work are thus simplified and more easily accessible.

In addition, the bill wants to put in place from 2017, a "digital tracking and maintenance notebookThis book will be complemented by information on the maintenance and improvement of the energy performance of new buildings.

To note: the law validates the obligation to make energy consumption data available to all customers of energy suppliers.

For more information, consult our file on the law of the energy transition.

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