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Even before starting the construction, strictly speaking, of a house, one must think about its sanitary connection. This is called draining or domestic drip installation. It is necessary to establish a sewage plan which respects the norms in force and the specificities of the ground.

Definition: what is dripping?

Drainage is used to evacuate all the water that passes through the house: runoff and rainwater, wash water, drainage and Wastewater. It is a network of pipes buried under the house which constitutes the main bodywork. It is composed of several elements necessary for the proper functioning of the house:

  • sewer lines,
  • drainage pipes,
  • the rooms of visits,
  • water recuperators and gutters,
  • the wastewater treatment system,
  • the rainwater tank if you wish to recover them,
  • the skeptic pit if you can not access the public sewer system
  • and all miscellaneous connections such as the public sewer connection, the pumping installations and the discharge pipes.

Setting up the draining of a field

It is the masons who take care of the realization of the drainingDuring the earthworks, they put in place the various pipes and connections from the future construction to networks such as public sewers. This involves digging trenches from the dwelling to the public sewage system and laying the pipes, usually PVC, as well as specific equipment. Sewage pipes are separated from stormwater sewers, which do not have the same purpose.

When installing the drainage system, it is necessary to provide a slight inclination of the system regularly, at a rate of one centimeter per meter. This slope is necessary for the good evacuation of water and avoids the plugs.
It is strongly recommended to carry out an inspection of the drip system before start-up or following major changes to the system, to avoid surprises and disappointments.

Creating and implementing the drip system is an important step in the construction process. a precise plan for draining with your architect and the contractor. This will help you if there is a problem or leak on the network.

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