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We got a cast iron stove that stayed in the garage for almost 20 years and works very well; and I would nevertheless like to dress it with ceramics to embellish it. It has on the sides of the "boxes" provided for this purpose, boxes separated by ribs. It would be enough to find tiles of 15 x 15 and to ask them. The questions are: 1.- What type of tiles (material) should I buy? 2.- Are there companies specialized in this kind of decorative tile? 3.- What glue, cement or other should you use?

You must buy tiles suited to a high temperature. Ceramic is generally very resistant since it has itself undergone a passage at high temperature for cooking.
Régnier establishments specialize in the manufacture of this type of tile.
Choose a commercial mortar that is resistant to high temperatures or, if necessary, a refractory mortar based on molten cement.

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