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Installing a dressing room under the eaves is a great idea, in this way, more space lost! Depending on the available height, it is possible to arrange the space to create a walk-in closet, a dressing closet or a dressing room with curtain.

A dressing room under the eaves

A dressing room under the eaves

Before thinking of the dressing room...

Before storing clothing, paper or other items, it is essential to ensure that the attic is healthy, non-humid and non-infested with rats, mice or other unwanted animals. An insulation of the attic, a good cleaning of the places as well as an inspection made by an expert in pests are essential before thinking to install a dressing in the eaves, in order not to have a bad surprise!

Install a dressing room under the eaves

  • What dimensions?

The first step before creating a dressing room in the eaves is to determine the available space. It is necessary to measure the height, the width as well as the depth, in a precise way, without forgetting the slope of the roof. In any case, the dressing should not be too low, too high or too deep so that the stored business is easily accessible.

In practice, the minimum height of the rod is 160 centimeters from the ground and the depth greater than 50 centimeters (ideal depth 65 cm). There must be a space of 30 centimeters between each shelf. It is possible to opt for a closet with drawers to store small accessories (belt, jewelry, sock...).

  • The type of opening

To create a dressing room in the attic, you have to think about the opening or more exactly the type of door that will enhance the installation. Sliding doors are particularly interesting because they are easy to use and space-saving. They are perfect for small spaces. The only problem is that these doors do not offer a complete opening. The attic must be particularly spacious to turn towards the doors to swinging or swinging.

For small attics, there is also the option walk-in closet or curtain dressing. Then you have to think about storage and use boxes to store things. In this way, the "clutter" effect is avoided. To boost the decor, there are storage accessories that come in different colors.

Opt for the bespoke

When space is sufficient, a closet wardrobe custom made is an ideal solution for the creation of a dressing room under the eaves. In this way, we are sure to exploit every available space in this space under the roof. The best is to call on a craftsman who will concretize the furniture taking into account the exact dimensions. In addition, a growing number of DIY brands are designing ready-to-use models that are proving to be practical. In case of complex development and if the budget allows, it is better to trust a specialist.

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