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In the archives of my studio, I found an old drill "Beaver", mounted in sensitive. I am building a "divider tower" and I had the idea to use this drill as a drilling tool. The problem is the chuck: a huge clearance in the drill bit ring makes it unusable. The spindle nose of the engine is 12.4 mm and the threads are similar to an English standard (I could not determine the pace). Is it possible to find more of these chucks (my father bought this drill in the years 1960/70).

CASTOR drills were distributed by PEUGEOT TOOLS. The Polyrex had to have the same mandrel.

On the Internet we usually find everything! Why not this famous chuck or a machine in working order? Try on used shopping sites like LE (I saw a pass on this site not long ago) or Otherwise, you can contact the website CRAFTS AND PASSIONS which is well supplied with tools of all kinds.

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