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Drill-drivers are not missing on the market. But this new model also allows to perforate the concrete, all for a small footprint and especially a weight of 1.1 kg.

Drill déviseusse


Maker: Bosch
Reference: One o
Nominal voltage: 14.4 volts
Maximum charging time: 3 h
Rotation speed: 0 - 900 rpm
Number of shocks: 0 - 4,800 cps / min
Power of typing: 0.9 Joules
Ø maximum drilling: 10 mm concrete, 8 mm steel and 10 mm wood
Weight: 1.1 kg
Price found: 159,95 Euros TTC

In use

Getting started
For the occasional do-it-yourselfer who looks twice before equipping, it is quite tempting to have both a small drill and a drill with the screw-and-unscrew function. If everything takes up little space and works wirelessly, there is something to be convinced.

This is obviously the specifications followed by the manufacturer of this tool. To achieve this, he relied on lithium ion batteries and a bit of drill tails system, able to transmit the blows of the pneumatic strike. Result: a fairly compact machine, light and with a good grip.

In addition to the usual trigger, next to the front-rear selection, the machine has a rocker to engage the percussion mode. The classic chuck gives way here to a system dedicated to "SDS-Quick" tipped drills, evoking the principle of "SDS-Plus" perforators. This special chuck is therefore equipped with drills made especially by the manufacturer, but is also compatible with all other types of drills and hex shanks (with ball catch).
As with the drills, the drill is inserted by engaging the drill into the chuck until it clicks automatically.
Our tests are rather positive in concrete and stone with a drill ø 8 mm. The cladding of the handle and its front bridge provides a two-handed grip, comfortable despite the small size of the device.

Drilling the metal with a hexagon-tipped drill does not pose any particular problem. Just trigger the pressure on the trigger to keep a slow speed, more related to the drilling of the metal.

At screwing, the power is not left out, but the hex end shanks are hardly comfortable because they are not magnetized. It is better to equip the chuck with a magnetic bit holder, especially for kit furniture when it is necessary to go into recesses. Remains the lack of torque adjustment that requires great vigilance at the end of screwing not to force.


Adequate for the current needs of DIY development, this "three in one" fulfills these commitments. The charging provides good autonomy and permanent control diode information on the status of the batteries.

The lessers

No speed selector. Only the trigger can vary the rotation speed. Same thing for the usual tightening torque adjustment, yet very useful on fragile surfaces or assembly furniture kit.

Our opinion

If you are looking for a hole puncher for ø 12 or 14 mm plugs, opt for another device. But for a common use (installation of shelves, drilling, assembly of screwed assemblies), the performances are sufficient and the compactness particularly modest.

To screw

To screw

Side screwing, a bit holder allows more freedom, especially if you already have a set of bits.

Screw in percussion mode

Screw in percussion mode

Performance in percussion mode is sufficient for common fixations. Pneumatic percussion offers good performance in stone or concrete.

Special accessories

Special accessories

The SDS Quick system of the manufacturer requires to be equipped with specific drills.

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